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Please read these terms of use carefully as they contain all the information related to the cookies and privacy policy as a user of the DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L pages.
How we use cookies
The cookies we use to offer, evaluate and improve the Platform in different ways are included as a general rule in one of the following categories:
Performance / analysis: We use these cookies to monitor and evaluate how the Platform works and how it can be improved. We use this type of cookies, for example, to test different versions of our Platform and know what features or content users prefer. We also use these cookies to analyze how users access the Platform and how they use it. In this way we can obtain information about your device and the use that users make of the Platform or through newsletters sent by email, such as if you have opened or forwarded a newsletter or have accessed its content. This information allows us to know the effectiveness of our newsletters and helps us ensure that we send you information that you consider interesting.
Customization / advertising: these cookies use information about your use of the Platform, such as the pages you visit, the content you visit or your response to ads and emails, so that we can recommend products and show you advertisements that are most relevant and interesting to you. based on criteria such as profile and activity. We can also use these cookies to improve reports on the results of campaigns, determine how many people click on the ads end up doing an action (such as buying products) and avoid showing ads that the user has already seen.
Information on the person responsible for processing the data stored in the pages of DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. in our RR.SS.
In compliance with the provisions of the General Regulation UE 679/2016 of Data Protection, DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. wishes to inform users of their RR.SS. the policy regarding the treatment and protection of personal data of those persons who voluntarily access and use the pages of DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. and their RR.SS. The access and use by the user of this page of DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB, S.L., in their RR.SS. assumes that you expressly accept this privacy policy and that you consent to the processing of your personal data as provided in it.
Data of minors or incapacitated
Access and registration in our RR.SS. is prohibited to minors under fourteen (14) years, so that it is also prohibited the access and use of children under fourteen (14 years) to the pages of DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. in our RR.SS.
For its part, if the user is unable, DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. warns that the consent of the owner of the parental authority or guardianship of the user or his legal representative will be necessary for access and use of the pages of DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. in our RR.SS.
DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. will be expressly exempt from any liability that may arise from the use of its official page by minors and incapacities being the responsibility of their legal representatives in each case.
Identification of the company name of the person responsible for the file.
The user is informed that DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. with registered office at Nestares Street No. 6, Bajo A, 26008, Logroño (La Rioja), holds the status of responsible for the files and treatments through which the personal data of the user is collected and stored as a result of registration and use of the official page of our RR.SS., without prejudice to the treatments for which he is responsible as the owner of the social network service.
Purposes to which personal data, information and consent are intended
The personal data provided voluntarily by the user DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. through its official website in our RR.SS., will be part of a data processing responsibility of DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. in order to offer you information of DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB, S.L., exchange information with DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. and other users and establish communication with third parties. From the moment the user uses this official website, he gives his free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent for the processing of his personal data by DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. for the correct provision of said services in accordance with the provisions of this policy.
The user is free to use the pages of DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. in our RR.SS. Therefore, in case the user does not agree with the processing of their data for such purposes, they should not use it or provide their personal data.
Through this official page of DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. in our RR.SS., the user can share texts, photos, videos and other information and / or content that will be subject to both this policy and the Rules and Conditions of the Platforms of our RR.SS.
The user will be responsible for all contents published, respect the current legislation, this policy and the Rules of the Platforms of our RR.SS.
The user can only publish on this official page of DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. in our RR.SS. personal data, photographs and information or other content whose ownership and ownership belongs to him or in respect of which he holds the authorization of third parties
DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. shall have the right to remove from this official page – unilaterally and without prior communication or authorization from the user – any content published by the user when the user infringes or violates current legislation, the rules established in this policy and the Rules of the Platform of our RR.SS.
Identification of the recipients for whom DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB, S.L., plans to carry out assignments or data communications.
The user is warned that all information and content published on the pages of DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. in our RR.SS. may be known by the other users of the official website and the social network platforms of our RR.SS.
Consequently, all the information and contents published by the user on the pages of DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. in our RR.SS. it will be the subject of communication to the rest of the users due to the very nature of the service.
DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. it only plans to carry out assignments or communications of data that, due to the regulations in force, must be made to judges, courts, public administrations and competent administrative authorities.
Other third party service providers
DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. warns the user that this entity is only responsible and guarantees the confidentiality, security and treatment of data in accordance with this policy, with respect to personal data collected by the user through this official page in our RR. H.H. not having any kind of responsibility regarding the treatments and subsequent uses of personal data that could be made by our RR.SS. as by third party service providers of the information society that could access such data due to the provision of their services or exercise of their activity, third parties that establish hyperlinks to our RR.SS. nor those responsible to whom through hyperlinks DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. refers to the users attached to this official page.
Quality of the data
DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. warns the user that, except for the existence of a legally constituted representation, no user can use the identity of another person and communicate their personal data, so the user at all times must take into account that he can only provide personal data to their own identity and that they are adequate, pertinent, current, accurate and true. In any case, the user must respect the privacy of third parties, whether they are users or not of RR.SS. whether or not users of the pages of DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. in our RR.SS.
Exercise of rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of data
DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. informs the user of the possibility of exercising their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by written request addressed to DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. with registered office at Calle Nestares nº 6, Bajo A, 26008, Logroño or at the email address socialmedia@descansare.com , or the one that replaces it and communicate in the General Data Protection Registry. For this purpose, the interested party should send DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. written communication indicating the request or right exercised along with a copy of your ID or valid legal document proving your identity, expressly indicating your username on the official DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. in order to identify it unequivocally.
Other information of interest
DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. may modify and / or replace at any time this policy which, as the case may be, will replace, complete and / or modify the one currently published here collected. Therefore, the user must periodically access them in order to keep updated.
The user can contact DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB S.L. through the internal messaging service of our RR.SS. or through the following addresses and contact information.
Non-tracking signals
The configuration of your browser also allows you to issue a “No tracking” signal. Since there is currently no industry or legal standard for recognizing or respecting non-tracking signals, we do not have the necessary configuration to respond to them.
If you have any questions about our use of cookies, you can contact us through abohbed.com/en/contact/ or by email socialmedia@descansare.com
Last modification: May 25, 2018
DESCANSARE SLEEP LAB, S.L., owner of this website, in compliance with article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, creates the following legal notice.
Navigation through this website will be subject to the conditions set out in this “Legal Notice”, which may be updated periodically and without prior notice.
Browsing the website implies a perfect understanding and express acceptance of the aforementioned conditions by the user.
Update and modification of the web page
Aboh. reserves the right to modify or eliminate, without prior notice, both the information contained in its website and its configuration and presentation, without assuming any responsibility for it.
General information
CIF: B-26492710
Email: socialmedia@decansare.com
Privacy Policy
Your privacy is important to Aboh. therefore, we carry out our business activity in accordance with current legislation on data protection. This privacy policy is designed to inform you with total transparency about the guidelines we follow regarding the collection, use, disclosure and protection of information relating to users of our website and how you can have access to control said information.
Your consent
Aboh. reserves the right to revise this privacy policy at any time, so the user should check it periodically to be aware of the changes.
Information collected
The information we collect is classified into three different categories: ‘identifying information’, ‘personal information’ and ‘non-personal information’, there being differences in the treatment of each of them.
► The identifying information includes your name, mailing address, email address and telephone number, as well as information regarding the products you buy. We will share this information with sellers and carriers as long as it is necessary to process your orders, requests or any other type of request that is made by you through any of the contact forms that are made available on our website. Also, unless otherwise stated (in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy), we may use your information to send you information about our products.
► The personal information that you provide us regarding your personal physical measurements (eg weight, height) will not be shared or linked to your identifying information. Aboh. protects your privacy and will only use the numerical data for statistical treatment and for the improvement of databases. Of course, the non-numerical information shared is 100% confidential information.
► The non-personal information includes the suggestions and comments provided by users about our products and our website, as well as the number and type of pages visited, queries made and the time spent browsing our website. In order to offer you the best service through this page and in order to facilitate its use and improve its content, we may share your non-personal information with our business partners, as well as use it to conduct market research.
Sharing your information
We offer you the opportunity to share information about our products, our website and your opinions through the social networks in which we are present. We offer this functionality to generate interest about our products among the members of your social networks and allow you to share opinions and recommendations about our products with your friends. Sharing personal or non-personal information in a social network can generate information that our company can publish and use for commercial actions.
Use and disclosure of information to third parties
In order to offer you the best service through our website, Aboh. may share identifying information with other companies and / or individuals that help us in the development of our business, in commercial work and / or communication, such as maintaining our website and social networks; processing of orders and sending them; postal mail and email; treatment of the databases and their analysis; customer service; payment methods; and with another treatment of a commercial nature. We will require all of these companies and / or individuals to agree to treat such information in accordance with this privacy policy.
Release of information in accordance with the Law
Aboh may release personal information from any of its users as and when required by law or requested by the competent judicial and governmental authorities and / or to protect the operations, intellectual property rights and security of Aboh. and / or its customers, employees or third parties.
Business transfer
As part of Aboh.‘s development and expansion strategy, we could buy subsidiaries or business units, or sell all of our assets. In this type of transaction, user information, including personal information, is generally one of the assets of the business that is transferred to the new entity (unless expressly stated by the user), although the use of such information will continue to be regulated by the privacy policy existing at the time of the transaction.
Protection of your personal information
Your privacy is important to us and we want you to feel safe visiting our website. For this, we have the necessary physical, electronic and administrative security measures in order to protect the personal data provided by the users of our website. Our security system includes protocols to block access by certain users to our website.
Links to other websites
This website may contain links or references to other websites and / or social networks, which are not managed by Aboh. . We remind you that this privacy policy does not regulate the use or access to information collected by external websites. Therefore, we recommend that you review the privacy policy of each of the websites you visit to know the treatment they perform of the information collected.
How to get in touch with us
If you have any questions, comments or questions about our privacy policy, you can contact us by sending an email to the following address: socialmedia@descansare.com
This privacy policy came into force on January 1, 2018.