The only customizable and reconfigurable mattress
based on your height, weight, build, gender and position
in order to improve your sleep


Balance your days even if you change

Up to 2 Independent beds, a bespoke suit that fits your body and your partner's


  • height
  • weight
  • build
  • gender
  • position
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Ideal Couples


You can define your perfect bed and the combination of firmness ideal for your sleep

It will allow you to be in balance with your surroundings, your body and your days. As your life changes, you will be able to reconfigure your bed in a way that corresponds to those changes. We believe in new ways of understanding sleep, being able to respond to the consumers' challenges and demands.

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The customizable aboh.
perfect pillow for each sleeper

-- With 3 differentiated firmness through interchangeable tubes
-- Viscoelastic foams with essences of orange blossom oil
-- Dry washable cover

You have 100 trial nights to enjoy the peace of mind of your mattress...take it easy...zzz

It is configured based on your body and your partner's. With more than 1.6M of possibilities of reconfiguration to modify it to your liking and personalized it at home.

The technology used is based on an investigation of more than 30 years of sleep study​

It is configured based on your body and your partner's thanks to the studies carried out by the Institut PROSCHLAF® in Austria.
It is the perfect mattress for couples.
We have always had different opinions on what mattress is best to sleep.


Marta 31
It is a great idea.
Now I can be 100% sure that my bed is configured according to my body.


Marco 54
The fastest way to democratize a good product
is to serve the needs of the majority of consumers.


Store Manager

We have always been concerned with the welfare<br> and natural properties of our materials