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It is necessary to use the mattress for at least 15 days, recommended time for changing habits.
It is valid 15 days after you have made the purchase and receive the mattress in your home. Upon request of the warranty form.

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    Aboh.® products are produced individually. For this reason, there may be slight variations between different products of the same reference.

    The manufacturing guarantee covers physical defects or changes that cause visible and permanent deformation of more than 2 centimeters in Aboh material (cushions not included). It does not cover normal changes in firmness or properties that do not affect the pressure relief characteristics of the product. It will be valid only when the Aboh product is used with the base or platforms recommended by Aboh authorized distributors; if the product has not been repaired by persons not authorized by Aboh; and where there is no suspicion that the damage sustained in the Aboh product has been caused intentionally or as a result of improper or unlawful use of the product.

    To accept any claim under this warranty, Aboh may ask the buyer for proof of the quality of the base used.

    Air your resting equipment every morning. You should keep your room in optimum temperature (between 15 ° and 20 °) and humidity (between 45% and 60%). The appearance of mold stains are a consequence of excessive humidity and low temperatures in the room, as well as poor ventilation of the mattress. The appearance of mold stains are not included in this warranty certificate.

    This manufacturing guarantee does not cover firmness variations equal to or less than +/- 15% over the nominal firmness, according to ISO 3386.

    According to standard UNE / EN 1334: 96, all nominal measures of rest articles are subject to the following tolerances: width (+/- 20 mm) length (+/- 20 mm). Just as, according to this standard, a loss of 10% at the height of the mattress is considered normal.
    To measure resistance and hardness levels of mattresses, the manufacturer uses UNE / EN 1334: 96 and UNE / EN 1957: 01 standards.

    The manufacturing guarantee does not cover very dirty products and under inadequate hygiene conditions; when an Aboh product has been altered or repaired without Aboh’s authorization; when Aboh’s instructions for use, cleaning and maintenance of the product have not been followed; or when the product has been damaged as a result of poor maintenance, improper use or any other reason.
    The outer cover and the mattress configuration tubes or elements have a manufacturing guarantee of 2 years from the date of purchase, as long as there are defects in materials or production. If Aboh replaces any of said elements, they may be of different color or material, in the case of the original cover.

    The warranty is valid only for the original purchaser of the product. To file a complaint, you must submit / attach the invoice, original receipt, or a warranty label as proof of purchase at the store or website where you purchased the Aboh product.

    A representative designated by Aboh will determine whether the product is susceptible of exchange or repair. When the products are repaired or replaced, the original warranty period will not be extended.

    In case of return, used mattresses are donated to needy people.